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Beautiful certified diamond ring | Beverly Hills, CA

Certified Diamonds That Last a Lifetime

Select a valuable, near-perfect diamond to build your special piece of jewelry. Clean Diamond Inc. has the diamond you've been waiting for.


The diamond represents 97% of the value of your ring so picking the right certified diamond in Beverly Hills, CA, is important. We'll help you select a gemstone you'll absolutely love.

One of our experienced team members will be pleased to offer you a properly certified diamond and help you understand the important four Cs of a diamond's composition: Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Quality stones will retain their value, so when you purchase a diamond from us, your money is well spent.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

Are you looking for a rare, colored diamond? We specialize in fancy colored diamonds and will help you find that special stone. Fancy colors are never identical, and we offer the best natural hues that serious diamond collectors and buyers demand.  We carry fancy pink, purple, blue, yellows and orange diamonds that are GIA certified vivid intense and the finest fancy color grades.

Pink and Orange Ring Yellow Vivid Emerald Ring Pink Halo Ring

Call now (213) 489-5696 for an appointment. View our unique selection. If you don't see what you want, we will find the diamond you are looking for.